Wardrobe essentials like Harvey Specter from Suits


Harvey Reginald Spectre, played by the handsome Gabriel Macht, is the strongest player in New York. He represents some of the best companies and athletes in New York and abroad, and no one seems to be able to solve this problem. Dude, he likes to sort things out as much as possible before they enter the courtroom. As a bachelor for a long time, he is the epitome of a female man. This man is obviously able to attract the most beautiful women without saying anything. Very isolated life on the street. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, Specter is actually just joking with people in his sphere of influence. The romantic relationship he participated in was short-lived, and very few people even showed a desire for longevity.

Like the way he takes his business seriously, Harvey Specter's costumes are simple (but effective) and obviously no fuss accessories. He allows his attention to detail and perfect figure to show himself, and regularly chooses classic suits with crisp dress shirts and silk ties.

#1 The Suits

Most of the time, Harvey Specter chooses a classic suit, a two-piece suit with side slits and elaborate details such as a fitted, tailored cut, turn-ups on top, and flap pockets. A solid overall shape and a gorgeous roll of fabric strength on the head of the sleeve create a powerful yet contemporary silhouette perfect for his disarming personality. Harvey Specter is known for his custom single-breasted lapels. He is confident in his wardrobe and body language. In fact, he sports it like armor. From a brand perspective, Harvey Specter's style is basically the same as Ralph Lauren's style (especially the Purple Label series of the American giant), while the early Tom Ford suits the characters in the show. By combining conservative and modern elements, designers like Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren are giving power suits a contemporary aesthetic.

Like the way he takes his business seriously, Harvey Specter's costumes are simple (but effective) and obviously no fuss accessories. He allows his attention to detail and perfect figure to show himself, and regularly chooses classic suits with crisp dress shirts and silk ties.

#2 The Ties

Although the colors of Specter's ties are very modest, they do not stand still because of their size. They are usually wide rather than narrow, and are done entirely with Windsor knot to further highlight the form and serious tone of the rest of your ensemble that has been set. The Brooks Brothers brand has a long tradition in men's fashion. If you want a high-quality tie with a classic style, Brooks Brothers has a tie for every occasion. Made largely from 100% silk, these ties, while costing less than high-end designer brands, have a higher trend than the average-rated tie (typically between $ 50 and $ 80). But you know that with Brooks Brothers you have something to feel confident about. Brooks Brothers never goes out of style and such high-quality ties go well with any shirt, sportscoat, or suit which you can buy easily and get it internationally shipped at your place from U-SEND.com or from U-SEND mobile application available on play store and Appstore.

#3 The Shirts

It's no surprise that Harvey definitely likes plain shirts. Their standard choice is white, classic wide collar and double barrel or cuffs. You will rarely see it anywhere else, but when you see it, you may find that he tends to turn to the blue option. Like many wealthy people, his armory has various luxury brands: Gucci, Canali and Brioni. Their shirts are almost always at the neckline, so you can show off your favorite Windsor knot. Ian Fleming hates the Windsor knot and calls it "vanity." Specter wore a formal white button-cuff shirt and French cuffs. If you want to use this style in a business setting, the links may be a little strange. Of course, if you want to show authority and confidence, wear a French-cuff shirt and leave a few inches of sleeves to show off the brightly colored cufflinks. For less elegant methods, use shirts with simple button cuffs. To sport a similar look as that of Harvey’s, all you have to do is redirect yourself these luxury brand websites, grab and put the pick that hits your sweet spot for the look and check out. We’ll have you covered with a US shipping address as well.

#4 The Shoes

Like the rest of his wardrobe, he likes to keep it simple when it comes to footwear. Harvey Specter’s shoes are usually of the oxford or whole cut variety, and sometimes feature subtle brogue patterning. Throughout the show, Harvey is seen to wear shoes in a large variety of colours, such as black, dark brown, tan and oxblood.  So, he has really brought every colour to the party. Due to the nature of TV, Harvey's shoes are rare, and they are not the main element of his clothing. He wore black short-sleeved Derby dolls and black or brown Oxford cloth. They are classic and elegant dress shoes. However, brown brogues look more casual than you might expect. We understand you now have a fair share of an idea in terms of the apparel and the clothing brands best suited for the Specter look. It’s rather convenient for the lads in the United Stated to bag this merchandise. It however may not be that easy transnationally. An easy way out here is to ship from the US to your homeland. And before you take the tissue out to wipe your tax sweat, hear us out. How about we told you can get any of these just with the shipping fee and no customs? Breathe out. We’ve got you covered. Pick your favorite apparel from your chosen website. Visit U-SEND.com or for download the U-Send application. Sign up in a few taps and you get your temporary shipping address inside the US. This saves you the customs. Now, we at U-SEND concierge your parcel and ship it to you overseas if you shop online. You just pay the shipping. Save tax. Be Smart. Shop your luxury Specter corporate look online. Use U-SEND.