If you're an active athlete, a hardworking merchant, or just searching for the highest-quality shoe possible, you're obviously interested in American-made choices. Purchasing Made in the USA is frequently an investment in a high-quality, long-lasting commodity. These days, it's difficult to find American-made sneakers because it seems that far more companies are moving their production plants abroad. This is a list of the best firms that still make shoes in the United States. We discovered that the bulk of them are boot manufacturers (hiking, cowboy, or casual styles), but there are also several great American labels in other segments. Now you don’t have to be traveling to the US to get those ‘Made in the USA’ soles on your feet. Here we tell you about the best indigenous American brands of shoes you should buy. Visit their stores online sitting in your own comfort zone, bag it, and ship it to your temporary shipping address inside the US that we, at U-Send, provide. As soon as it is delivered to us, we ship it straight to you in whichever corner of the globe. Check these beautiful brands and sport them nice.


Are you about to splurge on a pair of men's dress shoes? Buy yourself a set of Aldens. They've been crafted in Massachusetts since 1884 and are just stunning. They are handcrafted with the finest quality fabrics and fabrics and will conform to the contours of the foot over time for a truly tailored fit. Although the Great Depression and overseas factories took a toll on New England shoe businesses, Alden continues to function in Massachusetts to this very day.

In the collapse of American shoe production, Alden's high-quality dress shoes and orthopedic and surgical footwear styles helped the business survive. Alden obtains its leather from independent tanneries in Europe and the United States. Check them and get yourself shipped the beautiful Aldens.


Oak Street Bootmakers is a Chicago-based footwear manufacturer committed to maintaining the American shoemaking tradition. The company's entire footwear and apparel was 100% handcrafted in the United States by shoemakers with over decades of experience, embracing craftsmanship and heritage. Oak Street shoes and boots are made from high-quality fabrics that are carefully sourced, such as Horween Chromexcel leather from the field, and easy to replace with Goodyear-welted soles.

Each Oak Street shoe is also completely restorable, which means it can be restored. The outsoles and insoles can be substituted several times and still have the same durability and support as a new set.

FRYE, Made in the USA Collection

The Campus 14L is Frye's iconic American emblem of resistance and independence. This boot, made from their signature crack fabric, is well-known on and off school grounds. The handcrafted silhouette and doughy toe combined with a raised heel will get you far, be it rain or shine. Despite the fact that Frye manufactures the bulk of its shoes in China, the American footwear corporation has a U.S.-made segment on its website. The company has been in business since 1863, when founder John A. Frye launched the first Frye shop in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Crafted in the United States of America from domestic and manufactured materials.

Before you rush out to look for an outlet in your country, breathe and ponder. Rather, head to company’s website and get more options. Even if they don’t ship you directly, U-Send has got your back when it comes to concierge.


Allen Edmonds has been making American-made shoes since 1922, including dress shoes for Second World War officers along the way. This Wisconsin-based men's shoe company, known for its timeless boots, brings its rich tradition of fashion and style to this handsome Venetian driving moccasin.

It is hand-sewn and made of luxury leather, and it is both cozy and trendy. The loafer is quick to slip on and off, and it still has a comfortable fit whether you wear socks or not. Its Goodyear-welted models, a line of durable shoes that were nail-free (there was no awkward metal bar under the instep), quickly drew customers' attention. Caleres now owns the firm. Don’t let these pair of boots let you rip your pockets. Buy online and ship through. Get them tax-free.


Sloggers, based out of Gardena, California, is popular for its waterproof molded gardening and rain boots, and in 1948 launched the Drizzle Boot, the first translucent plastic overshoe. In reality, Doris Day sported the boots in the 1951 film "Storm Warning." It unveiled a recycling scheme in 2015, in which consumers can return their worn-out Sloggers sneakers, and “Sloggers can ground them up and put them together into a new pair.”

The supplier's waterproof sneakers and boots are manufactured in the United States, with a factory in Los Angeles, California, capable of manufacturing up to 4,000 pairs every day. Today, the family-owned business remains committed to quality and job creation. These are definitely a go-to pair of sneakers. But the only place you have to go to for getting them shipped is U-Send’s mobile application.


San Antonio Shoemakers manufactures sneakers both in the United States and in Italy. Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden, the company's owners, opened the doors of its first factory in an abandoned aircraft hangar in San Antonio. The company is now available in over 200 stores and supermarkets worldwide and is still a family-owned company. SAS is devoted to making the most fashionable shoes for men and women in the country, in addition to specializing in handcrafted shoes. From thong sandals and slides to loafers, pumps, boots, and even shoes, it has it all.

The supplier's waterproof sneakers and boots are manufactured in the United States, with a factory in Los Angeles, California, capable of manufacturing up to 4,000 pairs every day. Today, the family-owned business remains committed to quality and job creation. These are definitely a go-to pair of sneakers. But the only place you have to go to for getting them shipped is U-Send’s mobile application.


For 135 years, Wolverine has been producing workbooks in Michigan. It started in a tannery and quickly became known for producing durable, long-lasting boots. The bulk of its work boot models are now manufactured abroad, but select styles are still manufactured in Rockford, Michigan. The brand is best known for its First 1000 Mile boot, which launched in 1910. It was well-liked by staff because it was made of smooth, pliable, and long-lasting shell horsehide leather.

Wolverine also uses the same handcrafting process for their shoes almost 140 years old. And, despite the fact that the 1000 Mile boot is now made from full-grain cowhide, it is also the brand's best-selling style. It is intended to provide wearers with a thousand miles of wear, as the name implies. We’ll ship the 1000 Mile boot from 1000 miles abroad to your doorstep. U-Send has got you and feet covered.


Maine Mountain Moccasin is a recent Maine-based company that makes moccasin-style accessories. Dan Heselton, joined forces with Timberland and then co-founded New England Outerwear with designer Greg Cordeiro in 2017. The brand, also known as MMM, has a reputation for producing high-quality products. It features Tasman leather and made-in-Maine threads, as well as Blake/McKay welting, authentic double-vamp rims, and Vibram soles. MMM also sells a number of moccasin-style accessories, ranging from boots and boat shoes to brogues and oxfords.


Quoddy is also one of a few brands that are helping to revitalize the footwear industry in New England, especially in Maine. Anne and Jack Spiegel founded Quoddy Moccasins in Portland in 1947.

The brand is known for its hand-sewn moccasins and makes shoes using techniques that date back generations to the native Americans.

“Some soles are manufactured in Italy, laces in Mexico, and leather in Chicago.” They do, however, continue to work in the United States to ensure the consistency of their goods. Every Quoddy shoe, like boat shoes, boots, oxfords, penny loafers, and blucher shoes, is based on their signature moccasin design.

We do your pretty feet drooling and hungry for these sneakers, moccasins, boots and, loafers. We’re also pretty each one of these pairs is going to keep you satiated for good long years. Lucky ones in the United States may just go down the street and end up hopping multiple shoe shops, merely, but would still receive their wanted pair in the end. But for the ones missing the little luck coin with them, it may not be so easy. An easy way out here is to ship from the US. And before you take the tissue out to wipe your tax sweat, hear us out. How about we told you can get any of these just with the shipping fee and no customs? Breathe out. We’ve got you covered. Pick your favorite pair of sneakers from your chosen website. Visit Sign up in a few taps and you get your temporary shipping address inside the US. This saves you the customs. Now, we at U-SEND concierge your parcel and ship it to you overseas if you shop online. You just pay the shipping. Save tax. Buy Cheap. Be Smart. Shop your shoes and boots online. Use U-SEND.