Pump up your sneaker game!

We see you boys still flexing on those dumb pair of 2015 loafers. If you think you’re adding a little old school element on those feet of yours by this, we’re afraid we’ll have to stop you here and tell you that you’re not. Turn your head to some sneakers. That’s just a lazy school of thought which requires tad more pondering. While you get at contemplating on those rugged and worn out pair of sneakers, we’ll wait and curate a list of some sneakers which are sparking booms downtown.

Right, now that you’ve decided to move on to better sneakers, we’ll suggest you to shoot for the top tier rack and grab & throw some exclusive pair of sneakers in your cart.

When talking about exclusives, we don’t mean the generic ones. The true exclusives with multi-brands and artist collabs are what we’re referring to. Sneakers with big brands, big names, big tags but not big on supplies. Sport stuff which is popping in the in Gen-Z and the millennials.

Right here are some of your options to choose from-

When talking about sneakers, NIKE definitely is the brand you can juxtapose with sneakers. More importantly, we’ve got some beautiful sneaker segments under it; Jordans, LeBrons, Kyries and Mamba, namely. This are just the baller sneakers which can be sported under a good attire of casual streetwear. Have a look at some of them.

Sneaker #1

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Chicago, 1986

When you add Jordans, Chicago and high-tops kicks in a sentence after Nike, after talking sneakers, that’s just multiple brownie points with that price tag with you, you’re all set to slam dunk on that rugged pair of ‘ol loafers. The OG red and white color block combo never gets out of fad nor does it fail to match with any sort of attire in your closet. Why not Shop online today?

Sneaker #2

Nike Air Jordan 2 “Legends of Summer”

This undoubtedly makes us the most sought-after Air Jordan 2 of all time, which is a "Summer Legend" color scheme designed for Justin Timberlake, when he was on touring with Jay-Z in 2013. The impressive properties include decorations from completely red suede. The metallic snakeskin, shiny quarter panel, and translucent rubber out sneakers are gorgeous. Pull out your phone and shop online today.

Sneaker #3

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro “Mocha” (2001 & 2018)

The Mocha Air Jordan sneakers three have had a sophisticated history. it had been the primary retro Air Jordan to unleash simply one or two of days post the tragedy that materialized on 9/11 in 2001. simply five days at that time fateful Tuesday, the final thing on anyone’s mind was a brand new combine of sneakers. The sneakers complete up touching clearance racks at retailers and disappeared from the market rather quickly. A long-awaited retro came in 2018 and was received with a lukewarm response – not an honest search for a coffee-flavored retro. Now, even under Jordan 4s we’ve sub-brands and collaborations. Check em, shop online today. and bag em.

Sneaker #4

Levi's x Nike Air Jordan 4 “Blue” (2018)

This comes when the world's leading denim manufacturer takes on the sneakers -Jordan 4. Unsurprisingly, the results are impressive. The fabric, which emphasizes the personality, covers almost all fabrics with classic denim stitching and even the iconic Levi's logo. They are still being sold at resale locations for almost £ 1,000. Rush and shop online today.

Sneaker #5

Do The Right Thing x Nike Air Jordan 4 “White” (2020)

It is also called "Gucci" because it has a recognizable color scheme that pays homage to Spike Lee's comedy "The Right Thing". The dark pair has been thrown aside, but it's easy to see why this pair is so popular. The colors (red and green) of the leading fashion house contrast strongly with the white top. Snoop these tough gets and shop online. Or maybe travel to the US.

Sneaker #6

Levi’s x Nike Air Jordan 4 “Black” (2018)

This extra washed blue denim feature is also available in white and is probably even more versatile. That means the second edition has the same details, the red Levi's label is printed on the side, and the brown leather patch is shown as your favorite pair of denims from Levis. Shop online today.

Sneaker #7

Nike Air Jordan 4 Doernbecher

You can’t have a Best Air Jordan four listing with out which includes its Doernbecher counterpart, which nonetheless to this present day stays a grail for most. Designer Isaiah Scott desired to specific his struggle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia together along with his creation. The average Superman subject matter and iconic “S” at the tongue constitute Isaiah being nicknamed Superman through his mother whilst he turned into going via his scientific situation. Fittingly, the lime inexperienced capabilities are a nod to Nate “Kryptonate” Robinson leaping over “Superman” Dwight Howard, at some stage in that year’s NBA Slam Dunk Competition. The icy blue out sneakers took this shoe from first-rate to ought to have, and there may be even a small facsimile of Scott “peeking” out at the lower back 1/2 of of the sneaker. A hard tale however inspiring. And the end result of younger Isaiah’s adventure must nonetheless be celebrated to this present day. Shop online these pair of sneakers today and be a part of the celebration.

Sneaker #8

Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 6 (2019)

When the lights went out, Travis Scott took action. In his most recent collaboration with Jordan Brand, the legendary musician took inspiration from the Air Jordan VI to create the brightest look in all black. The dark outsneakers, the reflective pattern on the underside of the olive suede upper, shines and attracts people's attention when the camera flashes. However, the camera shutter cannot capture one thing: no matter what is kept in the small shopping bag on the ankle. After the Houston native and record label founder AJ VI completed the design of this special edition, he left the "Cactus Jack" logo on the lace buckle and right heel this sneaker which is his signature. Infrared accessories and the iconic Nike Air logo on the left heel reflect the original AJ VI color scheme and add classic colors to the Jordan brand's new design of sneakers. We do your pretty feet drooling and hungry for these sneakers. We’re also pretty each one of these pairs is going to keep you satiated for good long years. Lucky ones in the United States may just go down the street and end up hopping multiple shoe shops, merely, but would still receive their wanted pair in the end. But for the ones missing the little luck coin in their pair of denims, it may not be so easy. An easy way out here is to ship from the US. And before you take the tissue out to wipe your tax sweat, hear us out. How about we told you can get any of these just with the shipping fee and no customs? Breathe out. We’ve got you covered. Pick your favorite pair of sneakers from your chosen website. Visit U-SEND.com. Sign up in a few taps and you get your temporary shipping address inside the US. This saves you the customs. Now, we at U-SEND concierge your parcel and ship it to you overseas if you shop online. You just pay the shipping. Save tax. Buy Cheap. Be Smart. Shop your sneakers online. Use U-SEND. And, consider this just the first edition of the Nike sneaker series.